I am a UK based Australian portrait painter. My clients often have busy lifestyles and they find that my working procedure suits them. This consists of taking many reference photographs which I store electronically. These are taken in different settings and lighting; a relaxed informal procedure. Normally I spend time, a day or sometimes a little longer getting an insight into the person I am going to paint.

The finished work is a composite picture of my various impressions, leaving me room for interpretation, as the end result cannot help but be my subjective response. However this does preclude consideration of the client's wishes and a guarantee of a good likeness.

Back in the studio I take some time sketching and experimenting with composition and colour, until I see in my mind's eye exactly how I want the finished work to look. The next step is applying paint to canvas using a mixture of techniques traditional and modern, stretching back to the Renaissance and more recent approaches to portraiture.

A deposit of 20% is payable before starting work. A painting takes four to eight weeks to complete with perhaps a little extra time to dry sufficiently. The painting is handed over unframed, but I am happy to give advice concerning the selection of a frame. Fees vary from £650 to £3,000 depending on size and complexity and the fee excludes delivery expenses.